Find Your Voters

The Best Political Targeting Using the Best Methods

The more you know about individuals, the more accurately you can you can predict their attitudes, their opinions, their behavior, their response to a message. Corporate marketers have been doing it for years, and so have the Republicans.

Now Leland Beatty is bringing cutting edge 21st century techniques to Democratic campaigns in Texas and across the United States..

For each individual and household in Texas, there's lots of information available "out there." Leland knows how to find it and he crunches the data into carefully winnowed lists of people who, approached with the right message, can make the difference in an election.

It's laser-beam targeting, and it lets you put your money where it'll have the most impact - and leave a little for the victory party.

If you've got a challenging race, you owe it to yourself, your supporters and your donors to run the smartest, most cost-effective race possible. Leland Beatty can help make that happen.

A Proven Record of Success

Leland Beatty helped candidates like Rep. Donna Howard, Rep. Mark Strama, and others take seats away from incumbent Republicans. He's helped incumbent Democrats like Rep. David Farabee, Rep. Mark Homer, and Rep. Chuck Hopson hold on to their seats in the face of aggressive, well-financed Republican challengers.

Beatty does it through a careful analysis that identifies the top, middle and low probability voters, the probable Republicans and Democrats, and the persuadable voters. He can help you create messages that motivate and persuade, and he'll make sure the right messages get to the right voters.

What the Candidates and Consultants Say

Texas Rep. Mark Strama:

"As one of three Democrats who won Texas House seats away from Republicans in 2004, I know you've got to find the people who haven't been voting Democratic but will if you can make your case. Leland has mastered the techniques and technology to find those voters so I was able to effectively convey my message to them."

Texas Rep. Elliott Naishtatt:

"Leland Beatty has an advanced method of analyzing races - what's possible, what it might cost, how you can win - that is amazingly accurate. Invaluable, in fact."

Texas Sen. Juan Hinojosa:

"I've known Leland for almost 25 years, and he's always been ahead of the curve. We've worked together on a lot of hard problems all over, and time and again he's come up with brilliant ways to get a better result."

Kelly Fero, political consultant:

"Leland Beatty has created a remarkable new way to look at voters and win elections. His technical expertise is state-of-the-art, and his political judgment is right-on. As a strategist, I'd no more go into a campaign without Leland's help than I'd start a road trip without a good map."